Reasons To Join 161

How Our Troop Is RunNew Scout Program:  Troop 161 uses a New Scout Patrol to introduce new boys into the ways of Scouting and to help them master the skills leading to First Class rank. Our Troop Guide is responsible for ensuring that these skills are provided in such a way that a new Scout can reach First Class rank if he is active for one year in our Troop. An adult Assistant Scoutmaster for New Scouts provides guidance, direction, and mentoring to help our new boys grow into the future leaders of Troop 161.

Rank Advancement Opportunities:  There are six ranks in Scouting: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle. There are four basic steps in Boy Scout advancement: the Scout learns, he is tested, he is reviewed, and he is recognized. This applies to all six ranks. Our program planning ensures that each boy has the opportunity to grow and progress steadily towards Eagle Scout. Troop 161 is proud to have produced 16 Eagle Scouts to date.

Troop 161 Venture Program:  The Venture Program, open to any Scout who has achieved the rank of Star and is at least 14 years of age, is aimed at older Scouts in the Troop with the purpose of providing age-appropriate activities to encourage a boy’s continued involvement in Scouting. The places we go, and the kinds of high adventure activities we participate in, are driven by the Scout’s choices and resources available to the Troop.

Camping Program:  Troop 161 does two different kinds of camping. The first is what we call car camping. This involves carrying our equipment from the parking lot to a prepared campsite or fixed location, setting it up, and not moving again. The District Camporees are examples of this kind of camping. The second is backpacking. This involves hiking to a campsite or hiking daily from camp to camp, carrying everything we need on our backs. The emphasis here is on traveling light and minimizing our impact to the environment.

Troop Campsite:  Troop 161 enjoys the privilege of having its own camp located at Verdun Adventure Bound, Amissville VA.

Required Merit Badge Counseling Program:   Boys may earn merit badges from approved merit badge counselors associated with our troop, or counselors listed through the District or Council. Fifteen of the merit badges are required for the rank of Eagle Scout, and a boy must earn 12 of them, in specific categories. Troop 161 attempts to offer one of these every 3-4 months, which allows our boys to have a sufficient number of required badges done within a 3-4 year period. To qualify as a counselor, you must be at least 18 years old, be proficient in the merit badge subject by vocation or avocation, be able to work with Scout-age boys, and be currently registered.

Quarterly Service Projects:  Troop 161 has several service projects that we participate in each year. These include Bethel UMC support, Scouting for Food, and summer camp conservation projects. Other service projects have included Habitat for Humanity, Mary’s Family, Red Cross blood drives, Memorial Day observances, and Adopt-A-Highway road cleanup.

Fund Raising Activities:  Our primary fund raising activity during the year is our Annual Christmas Tree Sale each December, which we coordinate and share with four other Warrenton Troops. As the Troop grows, we need to supplement these funds with other fund raising events. These may include car washes, leaf raking, pizza nights, and bake sales, among others.